Ajan Rooli

Projection mapping installation at
LUX Helsinki Light Festival 2018.


Janne Ahola’s installation Time’s Role aims to break down the physical boundaries of perspective. The installation is inspired by the over 100-year history of the building that now houses the Museum of Finnish Architecture and its changing roles over the years. The music and sound design for the installation have been created by Aki Päivärinne.

Ahola brings the courtyard façade of the Museum of Finnish Architecture to life by using projection mapping technology, a visual presentation method that creates a world of illusion on the façade of a building by means of projecting light. At the same time the building is momentarily given a new identity and persona. “Time’s Role describes the journey from the undefined spark of creation to its assumed form. The culmination of this process is never the end result in itself but rather the formation of new things, their deconstruction, and finding new forms in old ruins,” Ahola explains.

The partner for this installation is Granlund Oy.